August 6, 2018

Piddly Stitch

Vacation is over...but I'm so happy I don't care I'm back at work. I'm loving each day. I need to do this more often. Take a vacation for myself. I was seriously getting burnt out at work. I became this angry/bitter person. It was not a good look, trust.

I didn't get much stitch time on AF4. Which is fine, but I'm embarrassed to show my piddly progress.

Started here:

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 15.1

Now I'm here:

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 15.2

After this column, I only have one more and then I'll be finished a page. I have to check to see how many stitches I've done. It's been a while to keep up with that. I'll do it once I'm done with this page.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week.

Keep on stitching!


  1. Little by little, I can't wait until you get to the face. Looks like it's in the next page or so. Happy stitching!! Don't forget to go in my giveaway.

  2. Oh, I thought there'd be more stitching time in your vacation...but remember, there's only one rule when you're taking days off for yourself: Everything that makes you happy is the right thing to do ^.~