July 9, 2018

AF4 Stitching and Wattpad, Say Wha??

It feels like ages since I've had needle to thread. I've been able to do a little something, something here and there. Haha.

I did put my Surprise stitch away for a little bit. I was getting sick of all the pink/purple. I decided to go back to an oldie. Yep, I'm currently stitching on Asian Fantasy 4 again. We were going through a divorce and in the process I came back for the torture again. Haha. I'm so kidding! It's just been a UFO for a little while.

I was here:

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 14.3

Now I'm HERE:

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 15

Lol. I have no idea why the photo is blurry and why I did the photo like this. Maybe because this is a new blog and no one knows what AF4 is all about. I promise I will never do the photo like this again. It was such a mistake!

I'm also sorry to anyone who might've passed through here and going "she's so nutty".  Welcome to the ride, I guess (^_^). Would you like some warm soothing tea? I have heaps and heaps of it. Sit down and stay awhile.

Speaking of some tea...*sip sip*...I am going to share something. I've been writing again and I'm kinda letting people slowly know I am. I haven't let anyone...I mean anyone...know...until now. Not that I have many people watching this blog. I'd just like to share that part of me too. I write. I love writing.

Is writing not a hobby!? Yes! Yessss! It is. I am stepping out of the shadows and sharing. Which is scary. It's soooo scary lol. I'm doing it though.


I am under the tagline ThePerfectUgly on Fictionpress and Wattpad. Fictionpress use to be my spot, man. I've moved to Wattpad because it's easier for me to update and write on that platform.

If you find me on Fictionpress...I'm so sorry...I was young...lol.

Here's my Wattpad: https://www.wattpad.com/user/ThePerfectUgly

Anywoo...there it is. (Is it also wrong I don't really want people reading my stuff? Goodness...just don't judge me!!! Lol.)

Keep on doing you!

June 11, 2018

Why V...Why!

I swear...his voice is so sinful. 

No stitching lately to show. I've just been busy with other things. Here's to some stitching this week. I miss my needle and thread.

Happy Stitching!

May 28, 2018

Memorial Day!

Currently, enjoying a small vacation at the moment at the time I'm writing this. I'm having so much friend time and I'm loving it.

Below is a very beautiful dance/song done by the Korean group Seventeen. They're extremely talented dancers as well as singers. I don't really follow them like that, but enjoy watching the choreography videos. Their slower songs are amazingly beautiful. The artistry in this particular video made me feel some kind of way. Seriously...this video made me want to cry. It's just so beautiful. Once you delve into the lyrics of the song you fully understand that between it and the dancing, they were really trying to touch the hearts of their fans. I love it.

Have a good Memorial Day!

May 14, 2018

Love in May

This is nothing new. I'm in love with a friend of mine. I have been for the last year and a half. I met her in 2015. It was love at first sight. And that...does...not...happen...to...me..EVER!

First, I have to note something to everyone. I do not get attracted the usual way to people. I can make comments like "oh yeah he's good looking" or "yeah she's pretty" because aesthetically you can see that about someone. I'm not saying I'm attracted to them though. I just comment. I can really only find attraction to personality. So this love at first sight mess really messed me up haha.

When I first met her in 2015 I was instantly attracted to her. Before she spoke I was enthralled. When she spoke I could have died on the spot. In the first few months, I didn't know why I would be so nervous around her or behave as if I'd never talked to another human being before. I didn't realize how I felt about her until half a year went by. It just hit me, I'm actually in love with this girl! No, no, not like. I know the difference. This was too intense a desire and feeling to have for someone. For sure, I was in love with her. This went on for a while. I didn't really get the big balls to get to know her know her until the beginning of 2017.

As an introvert, the fact that I gathered up all my courage to personally speak to her, to get to know her, to ask for her number....all of it...was unlike anything I've ever experienced. I was on cloud 9 when she was excited to get to know me as well. The issue, I didn't know how she felt. She was very confusing. I told her how I felt in the summer of 2017. She said she thought I liked her but didn't really know until I had told her. Then we fell in limbo. Or I did. She never responded to my feelings, just left it there. I took it as a sign that she rejected me. Then the continuation of friendship pressed on. Still...she did things that made me question if she actually rejected me. It wasn't until the earlier part of this year that we finally talked about it.

She just saw me as a friend, still does, which broke my heart at the time. Like I knew before she said it, I did, but I needed her to tell me so I could move on from her. I never experienced this intense feeling before. Seriously, she's everything. I was perfectly fine before all this happened. I was happy. I never had a "need" to find my other half, so to say. I thought I'd never find someone to match me like this and she does. We're friends today. I have been resolved to that fact. I like her too much and we're so compatible that I couldn't just not be friends with her.

Then again, it is difficult sometimes. I catch myself lingering. On those moments I have to distract myself. I could easily fall in love with her all over again because how could no one not? She's just that wonderful. How can someone just so got-dang wonderful? I want to be around her all the time. I want to talk to her all the time. And goodness...please don't let her touch me. Sometimes we bump each other accidentally and it feels like sparks just shoot up from where we bump to my chest and I can't breath. I've had the thump, thump, thump, in my ears a couple of times after we had "the talk". 

I don't want to make her uncomfortable ever. But sometimes I want to hold her hand when we're walking or just kiss her when we're close to each other. Ugh. I'm such a sap lol.

It sounds much worse than it is. I mean is it bad for me to still just feel this way but be fine with it? I'm getting the best thing in this whole deal here, in my opinion. I'm spoiled though. I don't think I will ever meet someone who matches her ever. You can't have the best and go back to mediocre. I wonder why at this time in my life I met her. Maybe it was to remind me I can still fall for someone? I don't know. It's a little cruel though haha. Eh, I finally have someone I can call a friend and I think that makes it worth it. Who knows who I'll meet later on in my life. I just hope my once in a blue moon happens again.

You never know (^_^).

Well with that, I have a stitching update for Surprise.

I was here:

Surprise WIP 2.2

Now I'm here:

Surprise WIP 3

I think I'll stick wit the purple for the background. Goes well, right?

Happy Stitching!

April 30, 2018

Finished Page 2 of Surprise

Not much time has been spent on stitching, but I was able to complete page 2 of the Surprise stitch.

Here is where I was before:

Surprise WIP 2.1

Here is where I am currently:

Surprise WIP 2.2

I find it hilarious that even though I was not in favor of the purple background before I did miss it this time.

Let's see, with a page down, I have completed 2 pages with 10,160 cross stitches. Plenty on plenty of pages and cross stitches to go. Now on to page 3!

-Keep on Stitching-